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Part 107 Pilots

Turnaround Time Usually




Let ProCam Pilots help you get a better work flow on your  Construction Projects. Keep them on schedule and under budget by using Aerial Photos, Videos & 2D/3D Models  to  Survey Sites, Track  Equipment, Measure Stockpiles, Promote Safety, and capture all stages of the Project to document.  


Say goodbye to sketchy ladders and steep roofs & say hello to the future! We use our drones to take high quality photos, videos, & 3D models of your roof and gutter systems, allowing you to inspect them and look for damage/potential flaws on your Phone or Laptop in the comfort of your home or business

tower inspections

Safely asses the condition of various components on Powerlines and Cell Phone Towers while reducing risk and lowering man hours with ProCam Pilots. Our Thermal Equipped Drones are capable of capturing High Detailed Resolution Photos & 4K Videos which helps capture the most details while inspecting the Towers and Lines.

(Bulk Prices Available)

 Real Estate


Let ProCam Pilots take your listing to the next level! With Aerial Photos or Videos, you're able to capture views that could not be possible from the ground. Whether you're trying to show off a House or Showcase available Land, Aerial Footage will allow potential Buyers to scope out the property at all angles.

We offer High Accuracy/    Detailed 3D models with Centimeter Accuracy. Some examples where this option might be useful are for Roof Reports, StockPile Measurements, Structure/Tower Inspections, Resorts/Golf Course's and more! You'll be able to interact with the models via a URL link 

3D Models


360 Photos




Take your Vehicle to the next level by capturing stunning aerial footage of it. We provide Aerial Photos, Raw Footage, and Short Film Videos for Dealerships, Car Clubs, Personal Vehicles, and other Events/Projects as well.  We offer various packages and offer an hourly rate as well.

We can capture Aerial Photos or Raw Video Footage for any Event/Project. All Video footage is captured in 4K Quality. Events/Projects will be charged hourly so refer to the pricing page for more info.

Golf Courses

Let your Golfers view your Golf Course in a whole new immersive way!  With Aerial Photos not only can your Market your Golf Course and its Beautiful terrain, you open up a new way for Golfers to come up with tactics and strategies to play with for each hole with an Aerial view. 


Raw Footage

Quick Facts

  • Most Shoots are between 1-2 Hours

  • Turnaround time is 1-3 Days

  • Footage Uploaded to Client Portal

  • Agent/Client does not need to be present

  • Payments accepted online

  • Payment Plans Available 

  • Custom Packages Available

  • Visual Observers are onsite as necessary 

  • Waivers/Authorizations will be filed by us if needed with FAA

  • We arrive 15-30mins before scheduled Shoot




4K Video


3D Models (.PLY/.FBX/.DXF/.OBJ/.PDF)



DJI Drones

(Matrice 300 RTK, Mavic 2 Zoom, Inspire 2, Mavic 2 Enterpise, Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro RTK, Mavic 2 Enteprise Advanced,Mavic 3E, Mavic 3T, Inspire 3, M210, Mavic 3 Multi-Spectrum, Mavic 3 Pro, Mavic 3  Cine)

Sony Cameras



Survey Gear

(Reach RS+ RTK, GCP's, Cones, Trimble R1, Aerial Spotlights, Base Station,  Charging Station, Aerial Mic, Walkie Talkies)



(Drone Command Center)


We offer various packages for our Aerial Services on our Pricing Page

Our Normal rate is $325/hr

Bowie Md
United States

Beth, Realtor

ProCam Pilots was a great company to work with! They communicated well, great pricing and the photos came out excellent! Would love to hire them again!


Hannah, Homeowner

The photos turned out great and will definitely help with the home listing. Also, My insurance agent is very happy to see photos of the rooms as well, and that’s a lovely bonus. I highly recommend this company.

Micheal, GC

We used ProCam Pilots to capture photos of an on-going Construction Project (7 months). The Team and I were very satisfied with how organized the Data was when delivered to us and how useful it was. Good job guys.

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