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*Contact us for Custom Packages*

Drone Operator

We can Supply a Certified Trained Drone Operator onsite to capture the necessary Footage/Data required for only

$325/Per Hour

Visual Observer

We can Supply a Visual Observer onsite to assist the Pilot in Command + Promote safety onsite for only

$175/Per Hour


Our Team of Editors & Data Analysis can create amazing Content & Custom reports with the footage captured & Organize the Data for only

$140/Per Hour


We can supply a Photographer or Videographer onsite to capture the necessary Footage/Data required for only

 $325/Per Hour

Aerial Photos

(up to 25)

Our aerial photography package is tailored for clients who require visual data for progression monitoring purposes. Our experienced drone operators use the latest technology and software to capture high-quality aerial photos of construction sites, allowing for detailed and accurate tracking of project progress. We also provide professional editing services to enhance the images and ensure that they are suitable for monitoring purposes. Contact us to learn more about how our aerial photography package can benefit your project.

Our 2D Map and Cardinal Photos Package provides accurate, detailed 2D maps and high-quality cardinal photos to help you visualize and understand your project area from all angles. Our team of experienced drone operators and data analysts will capture aerial images and process them into georeferenced maps and photos. This package is ideal for a wide range of applications, including construction site mapping, environmental monitoring, and more.

2D Map 
(Interactive) + Cardinals (8)

This package includes raw video clips captured by our drones. These clips can be used for a variety of purposes, including cinematic production or inspection. Our highly skilled drone operators capture footage from unique angles, providing a new perspective for any project.


Detailed video Clips

(raw footage)